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 Why do tha admins and mods get away with everything?

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Mr. Jebus

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PostSubject: Why do tha admins and mods get away with everything?   Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:48 am

Today whilst playing, i got attacked by paragon, so i ran hit him and then ran off cause i had no weps and didnt wanna die, i ended up in the water with him right behind me, he used /car or /shop and i was quite far from him and he had ceasedfire so i did the same and got a warning for it? wtf?
So i reported him and donut ignored me, so i had to spam the report and i got kicked? I know that spamming is againt the rules, but its the only way for any admin or mod to pay attention -.-

Sort out the fucking admins on there, half are retarded and the other half just don't do shit -.- this is why you only get about 50-60 ppl online on a good day, cause your all nubs

Paragon was using /tp to follow me and kill me since i got online
Donut also lied and said that paragon used /taxi but how could he know which one i went to?
i went from /taxi 68 - 37 and paragon followed me a second or two later
So i report him for that after donut said /tp could only be used for revenge not to stalk and kill people and once again... i was ignored by the retarded staff at UGP
and using it about 10 times isn't revenge -.-
Whilst playing i decided to ignorepm Paragon, he then used /ignorepm to insult me -.-

There is quite a few people complaining about the way he behaves and nothing is ever done about it?



If this is ignored it will be spammed a few hundred times is each different forum xD
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Why do tha admins and mods get away with everything?
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